WP XCO Bloemendal – Race Report

I don’t think I’ve ever had to dig as deep as I did this past weekend…

The XCO discipline is without a doubt completely different to the Marathon discipline, it’s balls to the wall from the get go with very little time to recover! I blew up within the first lap, pushing a little too hard in the red zone, so dropped off the pace and eventually recovered and started settling into a decent rhythm. I wasn’t too worried about the other guys because I went into the race for the experience although there were 3 other competitors that I knew I could compete against, but the top three riders were way out of my league with them being our SA Pro’s…

My next XCO race will be at the end of May for WP XCO Champs. The track will most likely be the same so I know more or less what to expect, so come race day, I’ll be a little more prepared and race within my limits for a decent finish.

A big thanks goes out to my Dad for looking after me in the feeding zone and to all the friends and family that came out to support, the cheering definitely helped soothe the pain!

The focus has shifted back to marathon prep for a few weeks with the first WP Marathon league race taking place later this month!

#DoWhatYouLove #BeAtYourBest


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