Weekly Update: Cape Epic Sunday!

Pretty stoked to end last week’s training with a nice ‘longer’ ride out to Meerendal to watch some Cape Epic action! The week had its ups and downs but for the most part the body and leg’s felt good, just one more week of interval training left in preparation for my first ever WP XCO race!

Tuesday was a nice leg loosener/coffee ride out to Duynefontein with a lovely cup of coffee at The Hart Cafe in Melkbos, probably one of the best coffee shops along the West Coast! Thursday’s session was a 6x2min interval session which my legs were uninterested in… Legs just didn’t want to wake up which made things pretty difficult. Friday was yet another 5x2min interval session, the legs felt way better which made for a good strong session! Saturday was a Club ride which was supposed to be a recovery ride but ended up being a bit of a tempo ride… Sunday was Cape Epic day, where a few teammates and I took a cruise to Bloemendal for some XCO fun and then rode around Durbanville making our way to Meerendal to watch a few of the best MTB riders from around the world tackle our local trails!

Looking forward to one last hard week of training!

#DoWhatYouLove #JustKeepGoing


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