Weekly Update: Intervals, Intervals and more Intervals

And so yet another training block began last week consisting of 3 tough interval sessions that just about killed me… Towards the end of each of those 3 session’s I found myself laying on my bars with the feeling of being completely spent… which I suppose means I did them correctly. #NoPainNoGain

Wednesday was a chilled recovery ride + coffee stop just to turn the legs and prep them for the week ahead. Thursday was the first session of intervals consisting of 20x8sec sprints that well and truly put me in the #HurtBox. Friday, I woke up but wasn’t feeling too sharp so managed to squeeze my 2nd session in after work which was well worth the effort with spectacular warm weather and a cracking sunset view overlooking Table Mountain. Saturday was another recovery/coffee ride with the Cycle Teknix Social Cycling Club and Sunday was yet another interval + skills session out at Bloemendal consisting of tempo climbing intervals leading straight into technical/skills sections. Unfortunately I was unable to finish the session due to punctures…

This coming week will be very much the same, intervals, intervals and more intervals and possibly a Sunday recovery ride to go watch some Cape Epic action out at Meerendal!



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