What Supplements Do I Take?

In terms of what supplement brand I use, I’m not too fazed about what products I use and more what products work for me… I am currently using supplements from various brands that I find work for me on and off the bike.

Drip Drop is what I use to drink during my time out on the bike which keeps me hydrated and energized with a high count of Electrolytes, higher than what you would normally find in other endurance drinks which also helps prevent fatigue and cramping. www.dripdropors.co.za

Futurelife Energy Bars is what I tend to eat during rides and races, I’ve tried a few different bars and find that Futurelife does it for me. I switch between the ‘Energy’ bar which gives me more energy (obviously) and the ‘Protein’ bar which I find helps to prevent fatigue and also gives me a high level of energy.

Cadence Nutrition Energy Gels are what I use towards the latter part of my long training rides and races to give me that extra boost to get me home or to get me to the finish line.

Post ride/race I always drink a Steri Stumpie, either Chocolate, Strawberry or Banana with a wealthy bowl of Jungle Oats with a scoop of Whey Protein from Biogen for recovery.

#DoWhatYouLove #DrinkWhatWorks


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