Fairtree Simonsberg Stage Race – Report

So this past weekend was my first race of the 2017 season, The Fairtree Simonsberg Contour 2 day stage race.

Day 1 was a fast 55km route with 1100m elevation which went better than I anticipated, I felt a lot stronger than previous seasons and felt like I still had something within me after the stage. Halfway through the stage, I punctured and lost around 15 minutes due to inflation issues which really frustrated me as I was in a good rhythm and was feeling comfortable, without the puncture I would of finished top 45 but ended with a 81st overall in a time of 2h48 which I am quite happy with seeing as I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Day 2 was a tough technical 58km route with over 1500m elevation which put most of us in the #HurtBox! Luckily I had no issues along the route so was able to keep a steady rhythm throughout the day finishing in a time of 3h24 placing me in 41st position and 54th overall for the two days.

Stoked to have taken part in my first ever stage race and first ever marathon race, the body and legs felt good so I’m looking forward to the next big challenge in March at the Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB Marathon! #DoWhatYouLove


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